FAAD2 commercial licensing For commercial licensing of the FAAD2 AAC decoder library, please contact: Mpeg4AAClicense@nero.com

FAAD2/FAAC released FAAC 1.28 and FAAD2 2.7 released. Source code is available in the downloads section.
ChangeLog for FAAC 1.28:
  • Prevent out of range scalefactors
  • Updated to latest mpeg4ip mp4 file format library
  • Added -s option to make the encoder output optimized mp4 layout
  • Improved JPEG detection for album art
  • Lot's of compilation issues solved
ChangeLog for FAAD2 2.7:
  • DAB+ support
  • Use public headers internally to prevent duplicate declarations
  • Explicitly typedef all types as signed
  • Made sure MAIN prediction can't be started after the first frame
  • Lot's of compilation issues solved
  • Bugfix in SBR envelope border calculation

Nero AAC Codec The webpages linking to the free Nero AAC Encoder on the Nero website are back.