FAAD2/FAAC released FAAC 1.28 and FAAD2 2.7 released. Source code is available in the downloads section.
ChangeLog for FAAC 1.28:
  • Prevent out of range scalefactors
  • Updated to latest mpeg4ip mp4 file format library
  • Added -s option to make the encoder output optimized mp4 layout
  • Improved JPEG detection for album art
  • Lot's of compilation issues solved
ChangeLog for FAAD2 2.7:
  • DAB+ support
  • Use public headers internally to prevent duplicate declarations
  • Explicitly typedef all types as signed
  • Made sure MAIN prediction can't be started after the first frame
  • Lot's of compilation issues solved
  • Bugfix in SBR envelope border calculation

Nero AAC Codec The webpages linking to the free Nero AAC Encoder on the Nero website are back.

Nero AAC Codec The webpages linking to the free Nero AAC Encoder on the Nero website have been removed. It's still possible to download the encoder here.

Security patch Earlier today I was notified of a possible security flaw in the command line frontend for FAAD2, on a specially constructed file the frontend can cause a heap overflow when reading from a buffer returned by the decoder library. A patch can be found here. Note that this only affects the frontend, not the library. Many thanks to ICST-ERCIS (Peking University) for reporting this issue.

Update First update in a long time. I added a links section. I hope I'll have some time to address some open issues in FAAD2 and FAAC soon.

New download packages Finally some new download packages, see the download section. These should work better under linux etc. If not, please report in the SourceForge bugtracker for the faac project. Not much is new, just some small fixes and third party committed Blackfin support. Some more work on this Blackfin support will probably be done soon.
Other news is the little change in the copyright header and the readme of FAAD2. Apparantly a lot of projects were troubled about the extra requirement that the old header asked for.

Website back up The website is finally back up. Some things have not been recovered yet. I will update the download section with Linux safe source packages soon.